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William Mitchell Calligraphy Round Hand Dip Pens Set


  • A selection of 10 William Mitchell nibs and a pen holder.
  • The classic tools of calligraphy for all types of edged pen lettering, including Foundational, Italic, Gothic and Roman script.
  • They are ideal for many lettering styles for both professional and amateur use.
  • Have a protective lacquer to prevent tarnishing.
  • Briefly immerse the full pen point in boiling water before first use to remove. Made in UK.
  • Contents Include: 10 x Round Hand Dip Pen Nibs, 1 x Round Hand, no.0 (3.7mm), 1 x Round Hand, no.1 (3.0mm), 1 x Round Hand, no.1½ (2.4mm), 1 x Round Hand, no.2 (1.9mm), 1 x Round Hand, no.2½ (1.5mm), 1 x Round Hand, no.3 (1.2mm), 1 x Round Hand, no.3½ (1.0mm), 1 x Round Hand, no.4 (0.8mm), 1 x Round Hand, no.5 (0.6mm), 1 x Round Hand, no.6 (0.5mm), 2 x Two Slip-on Reservoirs, 1 x Multipurpose Pen Holder, 1 x Cardboard Storage Box.
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British based William Mitchell Calligraphy has been designing and manufacturing exceptional pens for almost 200 years. Renowned worldwide for their quality, our pens are the first choice for professional calligraphers, scribes and aspiring students. William Mitchell’s Round Hand Dip Pens are the classic tools of calligraphy. Available in ten different sizes, our pens allow a full, even flow of ink when used with the Mitchell Slippon Reservoir and are suitable for all types of edged pen lettering including the Uncial, Foundational, Gothic, Roman and Italic hands. William Mitchell pen nibs have very fine graduations of width. William Mitchell nib points have a protective lacquer to prevent tarnishing. Washing your pen in lukewarm water after each use, then drying it gently with paper tissue, will maintain its optimum performance.


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