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Sennelier Thinners (OPEN STOCK)


Invite nature into your oil Paints . Green for Oil is part of the ?bio-solvent? family, a safer, greener alternative to traditional solvents!
A range offering the same properties as traditional additives.
Bio-solvents are sourced from renewable raw materials , with a focus on biomass-based sources.
They are products of natural origin: derived from plant , animal or mineral-based raw materials.
They respect sanitary and environmental standards, as they have been created with sustainable development in mind.
Their main features are the same as those of traditional solvents. The end product is just as effective! Replace petroleum distillate to thin your oil Paints.
Use: Use Green for Oil thinner as you would use a classic thinner.
Mix the product with your paint to make it more fluid and more suitable for the first drafts of your painting.

Odour free mineral spirit is used like petroleum spirit, but is strongly appreciated by users put off by the smell of solvent.
A new generation of solvent derived from oil for oil Paints.
This solvent evaporates slowly and does not deteriorate during its change while leaving no trace when dry.
With a very low odor, it is perfectly suited to artists who are sensitive to the smell of solvents.


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