Sennelier Abstract Artist Acrylic 120 ml pouch (Iridescent Assorted 5)

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  • Affordably priced, highly pigmented, heavy body acrylic colour designed for artists who use a lot of paint.
  • Packaged in a 120 ml unique flexible pouch, ideal for easy squeezing, it doubles as a painting tool..You can squeeze paint directly onto canvas, paper, panels, and any other suitable surface — ideal for urban art, large murals, or abstract expressionism.
  • 8 assorted paint tips can be attached to the pouches to create a variety of painting effects, including thin, heavy, wavy, and double lines.
  • The transparent window on the front and bottom of the pouch shows the actual colour inside.The pouches themselves are very durable. If you stand on them accidentally in the studio, they won’t burst.
  • Available in 60 shades. 36 SATIN FINISH COLOURS 12 HIGH GLOSS COLOURS * 6 IRIDESCENT COLOURS 6 FLUORESCENT COLOURS . Contains – (Iridescent Assorted 5) – Silver , Copper , Bronze , Gold & Pearl.

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