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Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Artist Paint Pouch 120 ml, Pastel Assorted 5 Colors Contains Titanium White, Azure Blue, Cadmium Yellow Lemon hue, Vermillon & Rose Quinacridone


  • Imagine a whole way of painting with abstracts from Sennelier! Heavy-body multi-media acrylic paint with high pigment concentration – 34 single pigment colours among the range’s 60 shades.64 satin finish colours, 12 high gloss colours, 6 iridescent colours and 6 fluorescent colours to choose from.
  • Packaged in an innovative flexible pouch that offers many benefits – from less waste and flexibility of use to better preservation of the paint inside than conventional tubes.
  • The pouch fits comfortably in the hand, is easily transportable – and can even handle the pressure if you accidentally step on it!
  • Contains 120 ml pouches of Titanium white, Azure blue, Cadmium yellow lemon hue, Vermillon & Rose Quinacridone.
  • Made In France
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Allow us to Formally Introduce you to abstract: An Innovative Acrylic system in revolutionary packaging by Sennelier. You can paint straight out of the extra sturdy and totally squeezable pouch on any surface. Large transparent window on the pouch displays actual paint inside the pouch. As it fits comfortably into your hand it’s much easier to use. The pouch is so strong that you can take it with you wherever you go and, unlike a tube, it can stand up to pressure even if you accidentally step on it! Abstract is composed of 34 single pigment colours among the range’s 60 shades. 36 SATIN FINISH COLOURS 12 HIGH GLOSS COLOURS * 6 IRIDESCENT COLOURS 6 FLUORESCENT COLOURS

Weight5 kg
Dimensions5 × 5 × 5 cm