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MTN Spray Paints Astro Fat Cap (Pack Of 10)


  • The widest cap in the market, With a clean and solid line, this cap gives you amazing filling speed even while using low-pressure spray cans.
  • Ultra-thick lines.
  • Pack of 10 Caps
  • It gives a massive 9.0 cm and eventually a bigger line.
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Montana (MTN) from Spain offers an immense range of Caps for spray Paints. Whether its skinny caps you are after for thin lines and details, or fat caps for fast fills and fades. Here, youll find everything you need. The Astro Fat Cap is the biggest fat cap out on the market. It gives a massive 9.0 cm and eventually bigger line. Designed for quicker and bigger work, extreme output, covers large surfaces at once. Good for filling large surfaces or big crazy lines. For Ultra thick lines. Pack of 10 Caps.