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MTN Spray Paints Assorted Caps Set of 3X2


  • The Super Skinny Spray cap is specifically designed for very thin lines and details, as well as fading or blending in small areas, this cap gives a width of 1. 5 cm Ultra fine lines
  • The Universal Banana Skinny Cap is a skinny cap that works with all spray paint, this cap gives a width of 2. 0 cm fine lines
  • The Astro Fat Caps are the widest cap on the market, with a clean and solid line, this cap gives you amazing filling speed even while using low-pressure spray cans.It gives a massive 9. 0 cm and eventually bigger line
  • Assorted Pack of 3 Caps (Includes: 2 each of Super Skinny 94, Universal Yellow Cap, and Astro Fat)
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Montana (Mtn) provides an immense range of caps for spray paints. Whether it’s skinny you are after for thin lines and details, or fat caps for fast fills and fades. Here, you’ll find everything you need. The super skinny 94 is good if you need a cap for the slower outlining work. The paint output isn’t that high, so you can make very detailed lines/fading without drips. Designed for very fine lines, more concentrated flow, good for outlines. Takes a great deal of can control for consistent use. This gives a width of 1. 5 cm. The universal yellow cap is the most versatile for the Montana colors lines, compatible with all spray products. This gives a width of 2. 0 cm. The line varies slightly according to the pressure you apply. It produces a thin and defined line, great for outlines, detailed work, and for fading small areas. One of the most caps for semi-thin lines. The astro fat is the biggest fat out on the market. It gives a massive 9. 0 cm and eventually a bigger line. Designed for quicker and bigger work, extreme output covers large surfaces at once. Good for filling large surfaces or big crazy lines. Assorted pack of 3 caps (Includes: 2 each of Super Skinny 94, Universal Yellow Cap & Astro Fat. ).