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MTN 94 Spain Speciality Picture Finish Varnish Spray 400ML – Semi Gloss


  • Made in Spain. Content 400ML
  • Good elasticity. Good for both acrylic and oil
  • Great durability. Smooth finish
  • Hardens well. Contains UV protection
  • Doesn’t yellow over time
This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.
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MTN 94 is the newest line of spray paint from Montana (MTN) Colors of Spain. The name of this super high quality spray paint is a tribute to the year Montana Colors was founded. The 94 offers an immense range of chromatic combinations thanks to the extensive and organized color spectrum. The MTN 94 Specialty range is made up of products with a unique purpose. Easily distinguishable with the same design as the regular 94 can, but with a black lower half, instead of white. To suit a range of needs from priming, finishing and adding effects, the 94 Specialty range has a product to fill every need. The Picture Finish Varnish is part of the MTN 94 Specialty series, which means the cans have the same characteristics of the MTN 94, but a special Content. The Varnish Finish for acrylic and oil paintings. It can also be applied to other types of materials for surface protection. Varnish formulated with an acrylic resin base, contains UV protection, and is easy to apply. Different finishes are obtained depending on the number of coats applied. – Wood, Painted materials, Serval plastics, Wicker, Cork, Steel – Stone that can be varnished. Unlike the synthetic varnish, its acrylic formulation ensures a crystal clear finish, reducing to zero the yellowing problem of the protective layer. We recommend to apply the varnish in a couple of thin layers, instead of spraying one thick layer at once. Let your paint dry and harden for at least 24 hours before applying varnish, for the best result. Available in three finishes: (Gloss, Semi Gloss & Matt).