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Montana Mtn Water Based Marker 5mm ( Set Of 8 )


  • Montana Colors presents the 5mm Water Based Marker.
  •  The ideal tool for artwork, crafts, and fine arts. The versatility of this marker is unlimited.
  • t has a 5mm round nib, made of Polyester fibers, which allows the user to draw small details with ease. It comes filled with the newÿMontana Water-Based paint for perfect


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Montana Colors presents a water-based marker range and refill cartridges that are ideal for artwork, crafts, and fine arts. They are fully compatible with our Water-Based spray paint, as well as with most fine arts products (acrylics and solvent-based Montana Colors aerosols) This type of marker’s versatility is unlimited, and the multiple ways it may be applied just depend on your imagination. Available in two formats with different tips (3mm and 5mm) Recommended especially for drawing and painting on wood, paper, glass, metals, and clothing among other surfaces. May also be used on MTN Systems. Technically, the valve functions perfectly, allowing for excellent paint control and flow while preventing overloads and spills. Furthermore, its simple design makes it possible to open the container and refill the marker, as well as change the tip when it’s worn down