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Karin Brushmarker PRO – Water-Based – Brush Tip – Black (030)


Karin Brushmarker PRO are extremely fluid, water-based, non-toxic marker with a fine brush tip…

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Karin Brushmarker PRO are extremely fluid, water-based, non-toxic marker with a fine brush tip filled with vibrant, water-based ink. They are produced in the liquid ink technology which do not change the intensity of colour to the last drop and allow to control the amount of paint on an ongoing basis making them twice more efficient than traditional filter markers.

Brush Marker PRO are equipped with Japanese super durable and flexible nylon tip and is brilliantly responsive to changes in pressure and direction. The clear barrel of brush marker allows artist to keep track of the amount of ink remaining in the marker.

Each marker comes with 2.4 ML of non-toxic free flowing fluid ink and can be easily applied evenly. The liquid ink also facilitates easy blending – the colours can be mixed, lightened, and using the blender pen to create tonal transitions of a single colour.

Techniques for Mixing or Creating Tonal Transitions –

  • Touching Tips – Touch the tips of two Brush markers PRO and hold both upright for 5 to 30 seconds. The marker at the bottom temporarily will absorb the colour of the upper marker. This will allow to create smooth transitions from one colour to another
  • Mixing on a Palette – Paint on a non-absorbent surface e.g. plastic. Use two different colours. Then mix the colours with the blender until desired colour variation. Apply the new colour on work with the blender.

These brush markers are ideal for calligraphy, hand lettering as well as illustration and watercolour like techniques. They are available in 72 vibrant colours including 12 neon colours which are fully intermixable. Since these are water-based brush markers it requires thicker or more rigid or textured watercolour paper.