GOLDEN Matte Color Pouring Medium Set w/ 5 Fluid Acrylic Colors

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  • Mixtures can be used immediately. Air bubbles should dissipate during drying Resists crazing
  • mproves leveling of paint mixtures Dries to a thin, smooth, matte finish Uniquely suited for large color fields
  • As little as 20:1 medium to paint can be used for color glazes, or increase the paint amount to 3:1 (medium to paint) for more opaque color layers Mixable with Iridescent and Interference Colors for satin metallic effects Mixtures may be stored for future use (in properly labeled, sealed HDPE plastic containers)
  • Color Pouring Medium (Matte) dries thinner than Color Pouring Medium (Gloss) May be used on a variety of painting surfaces that accept acrylic products. Most substrates commonly used by artists are acceptable. Each substrate has unique properties that impact the pour

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