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Fabriano Tela Oil Painting Blocks 300 GSM 30 X 40 CM


  •  Blocks are glued on 4 sides to prevent the paper buckling.
  •  Ready-primed paper that’s suitable for oils and acrylics.
  •  It’s specially treated so that it absorbs the colours.
  •  Acid-free with a canvas-like texture.
  •  Contains 10 Sheets.
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The Fabriano oil painting paper Tela has an internal and external sizing that offers an ideal absorption for oil colours. It is acid free and archival. The oil paper of these Fabriano Tela blocks has a linen texture with a fine grain. The unique paper surface, obtained through a specialized texturing process, creates a surface similar to linen canvas. Oil painting on paper is convenient for art classes, quick oil sketches, plein air painting and for working out oil painting techniques and ideas. It is recommended for Oil & Acrylic painting techniques.