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Essdee Scraperboard Silver 305X229MM (Pack of 10)


  •  Create dazzling silver scraperboard effects.  Simply scrape off the black coating with our scraper tools to reveal cool, simmering silver.
  •  Comes in plain packs of 10 sheets.  Surface : Colour – Black; Depth – 0.3 mm; Aspect – Rectangular; Texture – Scraperboard; Priming – Unprimed
  •  To use with Pencil & Drawing.
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Essdee has been making its famous British Scraperboard the UK since 1942. Our range of Scraperboard, etching tools, block printing tools and materials are instantly recognisable around the world. Essdee Fine Quality British Scraperboard is the standard of excellence in scraperboard, used by illustrators and professional artists around the world. This artist grade board is handmade with a heavy China clay coating on illustration board (heavy card) to ensure a hard, smooth, white coating which is then sprayed with a good coat of semi-glossy black India ink. A Cutting tool engraves a line through the surface ink to expose the white beneath. Closely spaced lines produce textures and tones. This makes a white on black drawing that is very precise and can be used to create highly detailed, evenly textured, tonal artwork similar to engraving and very high in contrast. The fine detail allows perfect photographic reproduction. Scraperboard is unique and produces dramatic imagery unlike any other medium. The sheets of card are easy to maneuver on your drawing board as some artists turn the paper while they work. The thickness of the ink layer means the artist doesn’t remove ink by accident with their fingertips as can happen with other makes of board. Thickness of the board is 12 pt (300 microns). It is also called scratchboard. It is available pre-inked in black or without ink in white that you can ink yourself in any colour. The ultra-smooth surface is also use as an airbrush and a watercolour surface. Also available is Scraperfoil in aluminium “silver”, copper, gold, rainbow and holographic backings coated in black. Create dazzling silver scraperboard effects. Simply scrape off the black coating with our scraper tools to reveal cool, simmering silver. Comes in plain packs of 10 sheets. Manufactured in UK.