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Essdee Scraper Cutter Set of 5 Assorted Cutters & Holders


  • High Carbon Steel scraper cutters, hardened and tempered to maximum limits for long life. Jig-ground to provide the optimum scraping edge
  •  Complete set of 5 scraper cutters in styles 1 to 5, and 5 holders.  The Scraper Holders will also take many dip pen nibs
  • Engraving Tools for Scraperfoil Board.
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Essdee has been making its famous British Scraperboard the UK since 1942. Our range of Scraperboard, etching tools, block printing tools and materials are instantly recognisable around the world. This Scraper Cutter Set from Essdee contains a range of five high carbon cutters along with five handles for preparing surfaces such as lino in printmaking. A variety of blade sizes and shapes are included, which are hardened and tempered to ensure their long life. No. 1 – Cutter Gives medium to fine lines. No. 2 – Cutter Gives medium to broad lines. No. 3 – Cutter Useful for producing small dots and circles when spun. No. 4 – Cutter For clearing large areas and broad single shapes. No. 5 – Cutter For cross hatching and multiple patterns using 4 lines. The handles included can also be used in conjunction with many types of dip pen nibs. This product would make the perfect addition to any printmaker’s toolkit. Manufactured in UK.