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Essdee Linoleum Blocks (OPEN STOCK)


Our high-quality traditional lino (Linoleum) is specially made for block printing, and is especially soft, alowing easier carving.
Made using natural minerals.
Ideal for Students and masters. Thickness 3.2mm.

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Essdee has been making its famous British Scraperboard the UK since 1942. Our range of Scraperboard, etching tools, block printing tools and materials are instantly recognisable around the world. Our innovative Linoleum printing tools make this traditional craft more accessible to a wider range of age groups and abilities, with easier to use materials, safety equipment and imaginative products. The traditional craft of lino Cutting and printing is a popular and creative educational pasttime for children and adults in schools and colleges and an enjoyable creative craft at home. Lino prints well onto most papers, card and fabric giving endless creative opportunities, the oppotunity to develope new skills and an appreciation of traditional painting techniques. Students can be encouraged to make their own prints, scrapbooks, artefacts, greeting cards, party invitations, gift labels, posters or even great works of art. Our Lino, made epecially soft for block printing, is ideal for the student and master alike. Made using natural materials such as linseed oil and wood flour, our lino is even biodegradable. Supplied in popular sizes this is the first choice for popular education, hobby and professional use, achieving rapid results without specialist material or equipment. Can be used with oil and water based inks and prints on wide range of paper, board and fabric. Maufactured in UK.