Daler Rowney Sapphier Brush Collection Set of 10

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Daler-Rowney Sapphire Zip Case (Set of 10) is extremely useful for artists who want a fine finish with every stroke of theirs. These brushes can be used for watercolours, oil paints and acrylic colours. The short handled brushes perform like a sable but lasts like a synthetic. Bring home this amazing Daler-Rowney Sapphire Zip Case (Set of 10) and enjoy every minute that you spend painting. These brushes give fine touches to your art and make it vibrant.

Enjoy every moment of your solitude by painting lively pictures. Daler-Rowney Sapphire Zip Case (Set of 10) is a proof of your choice of high quality. The durable zip case comes with an adjustable interior. The unique blend of the finest red sable hair and tapered synthetic filaments make your paintings impeccable. Daler-Rowney known for its excellent quality brings you these brushes that give every painting of yours a realistic touch.

Old Stock, outside paper package maybe torn but the product is fine.

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