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Daler-Rowney Decoupage Medium (Craft Seal) 300 ML


  • Specially formulated as a clear gloss medium with adhesive properties for papier mache, collage, and decoupage, or as a final water-resistant sealant for all manner of craftwork including stone, wood, card, and paper.
  • Craft Seal.Quantity 300ml
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Daler-Rowney have worked closely with artists to develop a wide range of mediums in support of their colours systems, and offer a variety of products to cover the varying needs of today’s artists. It was only relatively recently, in the mid-20th century, that acrylic colours were developed to offer artists a new, vibrant and exciting painting alternative. The versatility of acrylics and their immediate popularity soon led to the introduction of acrylic mediums, a range of products designed to enhance the benefits of acrylics and allow special effects to be achieved.


Daler Rowney