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Cretacolor Quattro Mega Colored Pencil (Pack of 4)


  • Giant 9.8m diameter hexagonal pencil which features a 5.8mm diameter single 4-color strip.
  • It scores with its unusual 4-color-lead (green, yellow, blue, red).
  • Water-soluble, marble polished, hexagonal.
  • Certified quality.
  • Pack of 4 pencils.
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Cretacolor is a leading dry media manufacturer based in Austria where all its products have been manufactured for decades. Cretacolor’s products are internationally recognized as being of very high quality. Cretacolor – Mega Quattro Pencil – water-soluble – four colour – thick lead. The Quattro pencil with its extra thick 5.8 mm lead ensures a lot more color. It impresses by its unusual 4-color-lead (green, yellow, blue, red). Water soluble. Four colors are compressed into a single, extra-thick, water-soluble lead. Create works of playful, random color or use each color individually as a four-in-one watercolor pencil. Beautiful hand-swirled lacquer ensures no two are alike. You can control what colour/s is/are laid down by turning the pencil in your fingers. The color can be laid bold and strong or soft and light. The barrel is striking in its marbled and varnished finish over quality plantation cedar. Certified quality. Made in Austria. Pack of 4 pencils.