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Cretacolor Monolith Woodless Graphite 4B Pack of 12 Pencils


  • These Pencils are made with fine graphite with a thin lacquer coating &Solid graphite woodless pencils last 6 times longer.
  • Peel or sand outside coating to use for wide strokes.
  • No waste: shavings can be used as graphite powder.
  • High-grade fireproof ceramic clay binder used for high-breaking strength and a velvety finish.
  • Pack of 12 Pencils-Grade 4B.
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Cretacolor is a leading dry media manufacturer based in Austria where all its products have been manufactured. Cretacolor has crafted the finest art materials for centuries, and their pencils have been in the sketch boxes of artists the world over. Cretacolor’s Monolith Woodless Pencil is made with the purest graphite from Austria, formed into a 7 mm solid stick with a protective lacquer coating. Broad and fine strokes can easily be achieved with only one pencil. Ideal drawing tool made of solid graphite, but in a pencil shape. Each pencil features a coated outside barrel to keep hands clean. Maybe sharpened to the finest point or shaped flat or angled for shading and lettering. The pin is made of pure lead and is only wrapped in a thin layer of varnish. Available in 6 grades.