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Cretacolor Kneadable Eraser Big (Pack of 4)


  • The extra soft kneaded eraser is essential for lightening or correcting chalk, charcoal or graphite work.
  • By vigorous swabbing and wiping it takes the dust in its mass and thus saves the drawing paper.
  • Contaminated parts can be easily plucked out.
  • For detail work can be of any form of plasticine.
  • Size : Big- Pack of 4 erasers.
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Cretacolor is a leading dry media manufacturer based in Austria where all its products have been manufactured for decades. Cretacolor?s products are internationally recognised as being of very high quality. The kneaded eraser, also known as putty rubber, is a tool for artists.This extra-soft Kneadable Eraser is an indispensable tool when working with Pastel, Charcoal or Graphite products. It absorbs the chalk dust by blotting and wiping the surface, without damaging the drawing paper. Simply remove rubbings from the eraser when necessary. The Kneadable Eraser can be shaped easily into any form for precision work. These erasers are especially suitable for lightening, correcting and cleaning of drawings but can also be used for adding highlights. The Cretacolor Kneadable Eraser comes in two sizes: Big & Small.