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Cretacolor Artists’ White Pastel Dry Leads Medium (Set of 6)


  • Cretacolor White Pastel Leads are best for when precise control is needed, leads will hold a sharp point for finely detailed work.
  • Cretacolor White Pastel is excellent for combining with Charcoal, Sanguine, and Sepia and for lightening color tones
  • Extra-thick leads are designed for use in the Cretacolor Lead Holder.
  • Ideal for highlights.
  • Medium Grade-Leads come in boxes of 6.
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Cretacolor is a leading dry media manufacturer based in Austria where all its products have been manufactured. Cretacolor 5.6mm Leads are a range of solid leads which, used with a holder, are ideal for sketching and drawing. Cretacolor leads are available in oil based and oil free versions, in various traditional sketching colours such as Charcoal, Sanguine and Sepia and in several degrees of Graphite. Create bold strokes like a graphite stick, with the clean control of a mechanical pencil. Use alone or mix with water and combine with other pastel products. These extra-thick leads are designed for use in the Cretacolor Lead Holder. Each sharpened stick is made of fine quality pure graphite from Austria. Sticks measure 4-5/8″ (12 cm) long and 7/32″ (5.6 mm) in diameter. Comes in boxes of 6 of one degree.