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Cretacolor Art Sticks Large Assorted Set of 8


  • A better value than traditional sketching pencils.
  • Ideal for large-format work and for emphasizing details and special effects.
  • Shading and thick strokes are more easily obtained with these.
  • Assorted set of 8 sticks.
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  • Cretacolor is a leading dry media manufacturer based in Austria where all its products have been manufactured for decades. Cretacolor products are internationally recognized as being of very high quality. Cretacolor’s Artists Sticks allow artists to quickly cover large areas while sketching. These extra-wide artists sticks guarantee a top quality, intensely rich stroke thanks to their high degree of pigmentation. They are also more difficult to break than graphite sticks. They are ideal not only for sketching and drawing but also for experimenting with new techniques and for large-format work. The Art Sticks Large set of 8 Assorted, contains artists’ favorite shades, with several different hardness variations. So with this wide variety, grab your sticks, sketchbooks or paper and start drawing with these professional grade artist drawing sticks. The set contains 8 sticks, one each of Sepia Dark, Sepia Light Dry, Sanguine Dry, Sanguine Fat, White Chalk Dry, Sketching Coal, Nero Medium & Nero Extra Soft in a cardboard box.