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Cretacolor 24 Mega Color Pencils


  • Hexagonal for Better Grip.
  • Highly pigmented.
  • Creamy and Slightly Waxy.
  • Fine & Broad Lines.
  • Soft and Rich Color Stroke.


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MegaColor pencil can produce bold strokes for intense large-scale application or refined lines for detail work. The secret behind Creatacolor MegaColor Pencils is a highly pigmented 6.4mm-diameter lead core. The core of the lead is glued within the pencil casing to prevent lead breakage. You can easily blend or layer the rich opaque MegaColor Pencils which are creamy and have a slightly waxy finish. Each pencil has a hexagonal pencil body for a better grip. Colored pencil tips conveniently indicate the true color of each pencil.