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Brustro White Gel Pen Pack of – 3. Tip size – 1 mm


  • Opaque and viscous ink, 1 mm tip Pack of 3.
  • Metal tip to give consistent lines, Creates unique contrast on dark coloured surfaces
  • White juicy lines, perfect for detailed work, Ideal for adding highlights to a drawing, mandala, doodling and scrapbooking
  • Shows not only on black paper but also on light coloured papers and toned papers.
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Brustro White Gel Pen Set creates unique contrast on dark-coloured surfaces, making it a valuable tool for any artist, scrapbooker, cartoonist. Useful for a variety of applications, these white gel pens will help you navigate through a white wonderland. White gel pens marry the visual impact and performance of white ink with the convenience and predictability of a needle-point pen. This makes them accessible for beginners and everyday users while allowing experienced artists to work distraction-free. The combination of Japanese fibre tips clamped in a metal tip and softer writing action makes them easy to use not only with rulers and templates for technical and creating consistent lines but also ideal for writing and sketching. The ink is waterproof and fade-resistant ensuring that your drawings won’t bleed or pool when exposed to water and won’t fade with time or in sunlight. It is Ideal for all your fine inking needs. The pens come in a size of 1mm. These quick-drying, pigment-based gel pens are great for mandala, anime, illustration, details, fine art, design, comics, modelling, and journaling and paper-crafting.