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Brustro Watercolour Ink Set A of 6 x 15ml (6 Shades with Free Watercolour A5 Wiro Journal Worth Rs 399


  • Concentrated dye based inks
  • Brilliant transparent colours. Water soluble. Intermixable
  • Cold pressed, 200 GSM, 25 percent cotton, A5 Wiro Journal 25 Sheets
  • 6 Shades name : Fuchsia, Neon Orange, Aquamarine, Spring Green, Chocolate and Black
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Brustro watercolour inks are concentrated dyes which can be diluted with water to use like regular watercolours. These vibrant and transparent colours are packed in 15 ml elegant glass jars fitted with glass pipette for easy dropping of the liquid straight onto the palette. Not only these are absolutely great to be used with brushes but are also ideal for applications like calligraphy where dip pens or fountain pens are used. Being intermixable and water soluble, varying hues and shades can be obtained. Being dye based these colours are not lightfast. It’s recommended to protect the artwork from direct sunlight. Ideal for all watercolour techniques and calligraphy. 6 Shades are Fuchsia , Neon Orange, Aquamarine, Spring green, Chocolate, Black with Free BRUSTRO Artist Watercolour Wiro Journal Cold Pressed 200 GSM A5, 25 Sheets worth rs 399.