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BRUSTRO Washi Tapes Foil Prints Glided Wonders Shade, Set of 5 (25 mm x 5m – 1 Tape, 15 mm x 5m – 3 Tapes, 7mm x 5m – 1 Tape)


  • Eco friendly masking tapes. Easily tearable by hand. Foil Prints Shade , 25 mm x 5m – 1 Tape , 15 mm x 5m – 3 Tapes , 7mm x 5m – 1 Tape (set of 5)
  • Low tack adhesive for easy repositioning. Leaves no residue when removed.
  • Versatile and suitable for colouring with pens, pencils and markers
  • Perfect for scapbooking, journaling, card making and gift wrapping.
  • Versatile and suitable for various DIY endeavours. These foil stamp washi tapes are designed to make a statement
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Step into a world of opulence and sophistication with the Set of 5 Foil Stamp Washi Tapes by Brustro.Each tape in this set boasts unique foil-stamped patterns, catching the light with a subtle shimmer that adds a refined aesthetic to your creations. The carefully chosen widths provide versatility, allowing you to experiment with different design elements, from intricate details to bold, eye-catching accents.Whether you’re adorning your journal, embellishing handmade cards, or creating decorative elements for any project, these foil stamp washi tapes are designed to make a statement.