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BRUSTRO Washi Tapes Flora and Fauna Shade, 15 mm x 5mtrs With Foil Prints Glided Wonders WASHI TAPE (25 mm x 5m – 1 Tape, 15mm x 5mtr – 3 Tapes, 7mmx 5 mtrs – one Tape), Multicoloured (Total 10 Pcs.)


  • Eco friendly masking tapes. Easily tearable by hand. Flora and Fauna Shade, Width 15 mm x Length 5 m , Set of 5.
  • Foil Prints Shade , 25 mm x 5m – 1 Tape , 15 mm x 5m – 3 Tapes , 7mm x 5m – 1 Tape (set of 5)
  • Versatile and suitable for colouring with pens, pencils and markers. Their lightweight and easy-to-tear design make them a joy to work with.
  • Low tack adhesive for easy repositioning. Leaves no residue when removed.
  • Perfect for scapbooking, journaling, card making and gift wrapping, home decor, crafting with kids,customised stationery, party decor and upcycling projects, versatile and suitable for various DIY endeavours.
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Embark on a journey into the whimsical wilderness with the Brustro Flora and Fauna Series – a set of five enchanting washi tapes that bring the beauty of nature to your creative projects. Each tape measures 15mm in width and extends to a generous 5 meters. With a width of 15mm, these tapes strike a perfect balance between intricate detailing and versatile application. These tapes are not only functional for sticking things together but also serve as creative tools for embellishing and decorating a wide range of surfaces. The unique characteristic of Brustro washi tapes lies in their ability to be easily torn by hand, allowing for precise application without the need for scissors. Ideal for adding borders, accents, or creating themed patterns in various creative endeavours. Craft stunning nature-themed bookmarks, where the bird tapes symbolize freedom and the floral tapes represent the blooming beauty of the wilderness. Enhance the pages of your nature journal with these tapes, creating vibrant borders or design personalized greeting cards that capture the essence of the whimsical wilderness. Step into a world of opulence and sophistication with the Set of 5 Foil Stamp Washi Tapes by Brustro. Each tape in this set boasts unique foil-stamped patterns, catching the light with a subtle shimmer that adds a refined aesthetic to your creations. The carefully chosen widths provide versatility, allowing you to experiment with different design elements, from intricate details to bold, eye-catching accents. Whether you’re adorning your journal, embellishing handmade cards, or creating decorative elements for any project, these foil stamp washi tapes are designed to make a statement and they can be repositioned without leaving a sticky residue