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Brustro Twin Tip Alcohol Based Marker Set of 24 (A) in Crossline PP See Through Box


  • A unique, ergonomic design, non-toxic alcohol based quality ink and ultra resistant fiber nibs produced in Japan.
  • Excellent smudge-proof & waterproof qualities on most surfaces. Ideal for graffiti writers, professional comic artist, architect or design student.
  • A Brustro marker consists of two tip sizes. Broad 1-7mm line, Fine 0.7mm, Length: 15 cm.
  • A wide and a pointed tip is located at each end of the pen, which is designed with ergonomics and aesthetics in mind.
  • It includes 24 Shades. includes ; Cool Grey II 1, Cool Grey II 3, Colorless Blender, Orange, Cool Grey II 5, Baby Blue, Emerald Green, Yellow Green, Vermillion, Ultramarine, Cool Grey II 7, Cerise, Aster Tataricus, Cool Grey II 9, Canaria Yellow, Warm Grey 7, Warm Grey 9, Warm Grey 3, Warm Grey 5, Warm Grey 1, Praline, Bitter Chocolate, Fruit Pink, Black, )
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Durable tips from the Japanese producer contains – Cool Grey II 0, Cool Grey II 1, Cool Grey II 2, Cool Grey II 3, Cool Grey II 4, Cool Grey II 5, Cool Grey II 6, Cool Grey II 7, Cool Grey II 8, Cool Grey II 9, Warm Grey 00, Warm Grey 1, Warm Grey 2, Warm Grey 3, Warm Grey 4, Warm Grey 5, Warm Grey 6, Warm Grey 7, Warm Grey 8, Warm Grey 9, Black, Colourless Blender, 2 Shades of Blue Grey