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Brustro Professional High Gloss Varnish (OPEN STOCK)


  • Non-removable varnish for acrylic painting. Permanent non-yellowing and water-resistant once dry.
  • Dries clean and glossy. Can be diluted with water (25%).
  • Continuous over-brushing may lead to fogging after drying. Do not mix with oils.
  • Can also be used as an additive to acrylic paints to increase their gloss and flow characteristics. Excellent binder and adhesive qualities.

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Brustro Professional high Gloss Varnish is a mid-viscosity final varnish for Acrylic paints. It produces a strong protective tack-free clear film on acrylic works and gives an even sheen and brings out full intensity of pigments. This fluid varnish is water based can thus be diluted with water. As acrylics dry very rapidly, care should be taken to apply varnish pre-diluted with water, ideally up to 25%