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Brustro Professional Artists Fluid Acrylic 20 ml Beyond The Blues Pack of 6 with Pouring Medium 200 ml


  • Highly pigmented and intermixable, Excellent light-fastness and UV resistance, High coverage and no fillers, dyes or extenders used.
  • Ideal for: Pouring techniques, Dry brush application, Spraying, Fine Brushwork, Staining Techniques, Water media techniques
  • Allows smooth flow applications while retaining the colour intensity. Compatible with all acrylic mediums and is the perfect additive to pouring mediums for liquid art
  • Appear dark on initial application, but can be easily spread with a brush and diluted with water to reveal colour graduation just like watercolours. Shade contains-Turquoise, Ultramarine Blue, Zirconian Blue Hue, Paynes Grey, Aqua Green Light, Azure Blue
  • Brustro pouring medium is designed to reduce crazing. Dries clean, glossy & flexible. Permanent, non-yellowing and water-resistant once dry. Mix with fluid acrylics or soft body acrylic colours.
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Brustro’s range of Sea and Sky Fluid Acrylics are excellent for creating abstract sky and seascapes. Having the same pigment load as Brustro Heavybody, Brustro Fluid Acrylics allow smooth flow applications while retaining the colour intensity. Despite its liquid-like paint texture, each colour is highly pigmented with excellent light-fastness.Brustro pouring medium is a self-levelling clear medium that when applied to a surface or as a paint additive will automatically spread and create a smooth, glossy finish with minimal surface texture. It is designed to reduce crazing. This pouring medium dries clean, glossy and flexible. It is permanent, non-yellowing and water resistant once dry. This acrylic pouring medium is ideal for high gloss thick glazing and poured marbling technique. It can be mixed with fluid acrylics or soft body acrylic colours but do not mix rapidly and allow mix to sit and bubbles to dissipate.