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Brustro Mixed Linen Canvas Rolls 567 (Made In Italy) (OPEN STOCK)


All Media Artists Canvas mixed linen/poly-cotton-linen.
Coated Back Side. Primed in Italy. Triple Coats of Primer and One Coat of Acid Free Sizing.
Very strong cloth.Unique look & feel. Ideal for All Paintings.
Archival Quality. Ideal for Artists’ & Beginners. Medium Grain.

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Brustro Italian Linen Canvas Rolls are simply our best linen canvas, comparable in quality to the finest canvas brands in the world. For dependability and affordability, there is no better choice. Give your creativity a boost by making beautiful sketches on Brustro Italian Linen Canvas Roll. Brustro linen is a superb substrate for artists concerned about the longevity of their artwork. Woven from yarn made of strong, flexible flax fibers, Brustro linen is also the favorite of many artists because of its unique look and feel. Brustro Universal-Primed Linen Canvas Rolls are prepared by hand-application of up to triple layers of universal primer, followed by hand-sanding and One Coat of Acid Free Sizing. This preparation results in a ground that replicates the characteristics of canvas that has been primed with an oil-based primer, but with the durability and elasticity of acrylic primer. Brustro Italian Linen Canvas Roll is a great companion when you want to enjoy your solitude and indulge in your favourite hobby of painting. Painting will definitely be fun when you have this canvas roll by your side. It is an outstanding substrate for almost any medium — from oil and acrylic to egg tempera and casein. They’re also ideal for professional artists or beginners who want to stretch their own canvases.