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Brustro Manual Art Pencil Sharpener with Long Points


  • Uses Steel alloy Helical Blade. Auto feed manual sharpener. It’s ideal for Charcoal pencils, Coloured pencils, Pastel pencils, and Graphite pencils. Long points can be achieved. 5-point adjustable sharpness of tips. Anti-slip handle design. Rubber base at the bottom for the anti-skid feature. Built-in pencil tip grinder in the shavings bin. Large shaving Bin.
  • The package contains- Manual rotary sharpener with a Helical blade. Allen key. Instruction manual.
  • Do not immerse in water. Do not mix old and new batteries. Children need to use this under adult supervision. Not suitable for children under three years old.
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Brustro Rotary Sharpener is a manual sharpener made of a steel alloy helical blade ideal for art pencils like charcoal pencils, colour pencils, pastel pencils, and graphite pencils. Insert the pencil and rotate the handle to sharpen. The bluntness/ sharpness of the nibs can be adjusted by choosing the thickness required by turning the plug on the handle clockwise or anticlockwise. The long point can be achieved without breakage even for the softer leads. There is a built-in grinder inside the shaving bin to get the desired tip of the art pencil. The blade is easy to pull out to clear any stuck lead by rotating the inner grey ring anticlockwise. An Allen key is also provided in the package.