BRUSTRO kneadable Art Eraser Pack of 6 with Blending Stump Set

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  • Brustro extra soft kneadable art erasers are also known as putty rubber and is an indispensable tool for artists while working with pastels, charcoals or graphite powders.It absorbs chalk by blotting and wiping the surface without damaging the drawing paper.
  • The kneadable eraser can be shaped easily into any form for precision work.Specially suitable for lightening, correction of drawings as well as adding highlights.
  • Soft gray paper, pointed on both ends. Due to their soft, powdery consistency, pastels and charcoal can be easily wiped, either with your fingers or paper blending stumps.
  • Simply reshape dirty ends in normal sharpener to guarantee further clean blending.Set of 5 Stumps.Stumps are easily kept pointed with sandpaper block pad.

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