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Brustro Grey Sketchbook with White Charcoal Pencil Set of 3 & Blending Stump Set of 5


Exclusive combo offer pack includes Brustro Toned Paper -Grey Sketchbook, Wiro Bound, Size A5 120GSM (60 Sheets)-120pages, Brustro Artists’ White Charcoal Pencil Set of 3+1 Pencil Eraser & Brustro Blending Stump Set of 5

  • Brustro Grey Sketchbook is tone drawing paper with a medium surface. Ideal for mastering light techniques and dark media. The sketchbook paper won’t react with your supplies and won’t yellow over time. Ideal for Graphite Charcoal Chalk Fineliners Pastels Colour pencils and Gel pens. Great for creating highlights as well as shadows.
  • Brustro Artist White Charcoal Pencil Set is a perfect highlighting tool for all charcoal works, sketching, shading, blending, and drawing detailed work.Ideal for black or tinted papers to create artwork.
  • Brustro Blending Stump is soft grey paper pointed at both ends. Due to their soft, powdery consistency, pastels and charcoal can be easily wiped, either with your fingers or paper blending stumps. It simply reshapes dirty ends in a normal sharpener to guarantee further clean blending.
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