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BRUSTRO Artist Gouache Titanium White 40ml (Pack of 2)


  • Strong white opaque colour, Superior matte velvet finish, Strong coverage power, Intermixable, Lightfast, Easy to apply and wash
  • Being water-based, they dry quickly and can also be rewetted easily when required. Great for mixed media work, mixes well with colour pencils, inks and acrylics.
  • Being opaque one can paint from dark to light with good coverage over already painted areas without lifting the underlying paints.
  • Works best on paper, boards, wood and primed canvasses.Ideal for professional artists, graphic designers, illustrators and fine art students.
  • Pack of two containing 40 ml each


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Brustro Gouache colours achieve its high opaque value by the high pigment load. They are versatile paints that can be used straight from the tubes, diluted with water for a watercolour effect or mixed with different mediums giving you endless possibilities. Gives you a uniform, matte, streak-free finish. They have excellent workability, coverage, durability and blend-ability. This feature attributes to them being a popular choice for designers and illustrators as the work becomes easy to photograph and reproduce without the problem of glare.