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Brustro Artists’ White Charcoal Pencil Set of 3 + 1 Pencil Eraser


  • Perfect highlighting tool for all charcoal works, sketching, shading, blending, and drawing detailed work
  • Ideal for black or tinted papers to create artwork. Shows as brilliant white on black and dark-coloured surfaces.
  • Easily sharpens to pointed tips for fine detailing with an ordinary sharpener or a crafter’s knife.
  • 5mm thick lead. Extra smooth for easy laydown.
  • Non-toxic and environment-friendly.
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The Brustro pencil eraser is a versatile tool for erasing both charcoal and graphite. Can be easily sharpened to a precise point for giving fine details to artworks. Allows effortless cleanup by flipping the pencil to brush up extra charcoal or graphite.