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Brustro Artists’ Soft Pastels Set -COMBOS (Open Stock)


  • Assorted set of 24 intense brilliant shades giving delicate effects with Brustro Papers,200 gsm,A5(40 sheets)
  • Assorted set of 48 intense brilliant shades giving delicate effects with Brustro A4 Drawing Glued Pad
  • Created using the finest pigments and a minimum binder. Extremely high pigment concentration resulting in great colour intensity; sticks are rich and buttery in texture
  • Unmatched softness and consistency; pigments slide off the stick without any crumbling or breaking. The softness of the pastels permits a beautiful dense application; so soft that a gentle stroke will deliver a solid powerful line of brilliant colour.
  • Acid-Free. Ideal for dry media. Ideal suitable for Pencil, Pen and Ink, Charcoal, Pastels etc. Archival quality. Excellent price/quality ratio. Paper is made in Italy.
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The beauty of Brustro Soft Pastels lies in their ability to be used in various ways. The sides can be used to make broad strokes, the edges are ideal for bold lines and perfect for achieving those fine details. This medium is excellent for blending and smudging which can lead to creating marvellous effects. Make sure to spray your soft pastel drawings with a protective spray to prevent unwanted smearing.