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BRUSTRO Artists Gouache Colour Set of 24 Colours X 12ML Tubes with 25% Cotton Watercolour Wiro Journal Cold Pressed 200 GSM A5-25 Sheets and VelveTouch Artist Brushes set of 6


Product 1: These are Highly pigmented, Bright opaque colours, Superior matte velvet finish, Strong coverage power, Intermixable, Lightfast, Easy to apply and wash, Being water based, they dry quickly and can also be rewetted easily when required.

Being opaque one can paint from dark to light with good coverage over already painted areas without lifting the underlying paints. Works best on paper, boards, wood and primed canvasses. Ideal for professional artists, graphic designers, illustrators and fine art students.

Product 2: 25 percent cotton, Wiro Journal, Chlorine and acid-free, Paper is made in Italy.

Ideal for all fine art techniques – wet and dry, internally and externally sized for ideal absorbance

Product 3: Premium quality wooden handle with a matt finish, Good spring and resilience. Vivid shapes for various strokes, Easy to clean.

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Brustro Gouache colors boast high opacity due to their rich pigment load. These versatile paints work directly from the tubes, as watercolor when diluted or mixed with various mediums, offering limitless potential. They provide a uniform, matte, and streak-free finish with outstanding workability, coverage, durability, and blendability. Popular among designers and illustrators, they ease reproduction without glare issues, making photography of work effortless. 25% Cotton, chlorine & acid Free. Ideal for all fine art techniques – wet and dry, internally and externally sized for ideal absorbance. Synthetic brushes imitate natural ones, offering durability, easy maintenance, and shape retention. Their shorter handles enhance control for precise brushstrokes. Their paint-holding capacity suits thicker paints like Gouache and acrylics, aided by slight bristle stiffness. With great spring and resilience, these brushes maintain shape after each stroke. The set’s diverse brush types (rounds, dagger, flat, filbert) accommodate various techniques, from detailing to washes, blocking, blending, and filling small areas.