Brustro Art Epoxy Resin and Hardener Kit 320 GMS


  •  The set contain two bottles marked A (resin) and B (hardener)
  • Contains 200 gms of resin and 120 gms of hardener .
  • An electronic scale must be used.
  • Use in the ratio A+B (100:60) using the formula Grams of A x 0.60= Grams of B Example: 10g A x 0.60= 6g B
  • Once properly dosed, the resin must be mixed in an irregular manner (therefore not always in the same direction) for at least 2-3 minutes.
  • This part is fundamental, since if it is mixed only for a few seconds, at the molecular level it will not be well homogeneous, and therefore will remain soft / dull in some parts.
  • The degree of hardness depends by the resting time and the catalysis temperature. In addition, the mechanical strength of the resin continues to increase up to 4-5 days after application.
  • So after 24 hours it may still seem soft, but in the following days it will continue to harden up to become like a “hard” plastic.
  •  Mix the resin for a longer time but slower
  • When pouring the resin, try not to let it fall from above, but pour it closer and closer to the surface
  • Once the resin is mixed let it rest for a few minutes, to make the air bubbles rise again
  • After casting, pass a heat source (heat gun or flame, NOT hair dryer) to burst the bubbles on the surface.
  • Contains 200 gms of resin and 120 gms of hardener .

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