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BRUSTRO Acrylic Paint Set of 24, Multicolour 12ml Tubes with Acrylic Papers 400 GSM A5, (Contains 18 + 6 Free Sheets) and VelveTouch Artist Brushes set of 6


Product 1: Set of 24 premium 12 ml tubes of acrylic colors, versatile across surfaces (paper, canvas, wood, earthenware) with a great price-to-quality ratio, ideal for creating textured effects and brushwork, including palette knife impressions.

The colours are water-based, non-toxic and dry quickly. Colours are inter-mixable, giving endless colour possibilities. Conform to ASTM D4236, Acrylic paint.

Product 2: Acid-free, archival quality paper perfect for acrylic painting; also suitable for oil and tempera, offering an excellent price-to-quality ratio.

Made in Italy, 400 GSM paper in A5 size, containing 18 sheets plus an additional 6 free sheets, ensuring top-notch quality and value for artists.

Product 3: Premium quality wooden handle with a matt finish, Good spring and resilience. Vivid shapes for various strokes, Easy to clean.

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Brustro acrylic colors are versatile for painting on various surfaces like paper, canvas, and cardboard. They come in a soft-bodied form, usable straight from the tube or thinned with water for application. The 24 vibrant colors yield bright, clean tones when used at full strength and can be easily mixed together, offering limitless color combinations for artists. Brustro Artists’ Acrylic Paper is crafted with high-quality cellulose pulp, offering acid-free, archival, and inalterable properties over time. Its heavy weight, textured surface, and sizing make it perfect for acrylics, suitable for oil and tempera, ideal for both artists and amateurs. Made in Italy, this offer includes two packets, each containing 16 sheets of A5 size, totaling 32 sheets. Synthetic brushes imitate natural ones, offering durability, easy maintenance, and shape retention. Their shorter handles enhance control for precise brushstrokes. Their paint-holding capacity suits thicker paints like Gouache and acrylics, aided by slight bristle stiffness. With great spring and resilience, these brushes maintain shape after each stroke. The set’s diverse brush types (rounds, dagger, flat, filbert) accommodate various techniques, from detailing to washes, blocking, blending, and filling small areas.