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Brustro Acrylic Metallic Calligraphy Ink Set of 4 x 20ml


  • Water-based acrylic ink.Rich metallic sheen
  • Highly pigmented. Water-resistant once dry
  • Intermixable with other acrylic inks, Archival Shake well before use
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These bright, intense colours are heavily pigmented and can be used in many applications Calligraphy, Pen and Wash, Technical Drawing, Fine Brushwork, Airbrushing and Mixed Media Techniques. The pigments are very finely ground into a surfactant base then mixed with an acrylic binder which is flexible but tough and dries to make all the colours fully water-resistant making wet on dry techniques much easier. Brustro Calligraphy Acrylic Inks can be thinned with water adding to their versatility. They can be used with both Pointed Pen Calligraphy as well as Broad Edge Calligraphy lettering tools. The tools should be cleaned thoroughly after each use to avoid any dried acrylic paint settling on them. They are perfectly compatible with other Brustro acrylic inks to make a various metallic colour range. They should be shaken well before use as the fine pigment particles will separate over time from the binder. This is completely normal. Simply shake the bottle, Due to the nature of the metallic pigments, these inks will require more vigorous shaking.