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Arches Watercolor Gummed Pads 300 GSM (OPEN STOCK)


100% cotton and natural gelatin sizing. Mould made.
Professional archival quality. Excellent strength and durability.
Internally and surface sized. Contains an anti-microbial agent to help resist mildew.
Acid free and buffered. Ideal for Watercolour, mixed media, drawing, pastel and acrylics.
Arches Watercolour French Bound pads contain 12 sheets.

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The paper Arches Aquarelle is the global standard watercolor paper. This is a 100% cotton paper of the highest quality. Manufacture on the old round shape gives it a natural and harmonious grain, near the handmade paper. This process allows the fibers to be distributed homogeneously making the resistant paper and limits its deformation. He can relax evenly when wet. The Arches Watercolor has a unique bonding natural gelatin, providing unparalleled scratch resistance and exceptional color rendering. Arches Aquarelle Watercolor Paper Pads are available in 3 surface finishes and all in a Natural White shade. Excellent for all types of watercolor painting, ink drawing, washes and the ideal portable painting surface, perfect for plein aire artists.



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