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Art Lessons


Basic techniques of watercolors for beginners

@poojaavj demonstrates how you can use the Brustro Special Effects palette knives to create beatiful textures and patterns.

Basic Techniques of Gouache for beginners

@bloominggraphy covers the very basic techniques of gouache for beginners to get started with this beautiful medium using the newly launched greengold brushes.

Getting started with Urban sketching

@niharikagarg brings to you a lesson on getting started with urban sketching. How to approach the subject of sketches, supplies and various other ideas for sketching.

10 Ways to Add Watercolour Texture

@artjauntwithsheetal brings to you a unique lesson on the basics of watercolor texture with materials & tools that are easily available at home.

Know your Watercolour Papers

@bloominggraphy explains the different types of watercolour papers along with their properties. This lesson will help you understand what kind of paper to use when.


Know your Acrylic Colours

@riddhisartdesk explains the different types of acrylic colours and their applications. The demonstration includes effects of application of different type of acrylic colours with a brush & a palette knife...

Mixing Paints for Fluid Art

@poojaavj explains how to mix different types of acrylic colours with Pouring medium to acheive an excellent paint mixture for a flawless fluid art painting.

Blending techniques for acrylics

@amitadand demonstrates simple blending techniques while working with acrylics using the Brustro Heavy Body Acrylics.

Brustro Special Effects Palette Knives Techniques

@poojaavj demonstrates how you can use the Brustro Special Effects palette knives to create beatiful textures and patterns.

8 ways to add texture in Acrylic painting

@amitadand demonstrates simple techniques to add texture in acrylic painting.


Know your Drawing Papers

@tathagatapaul_art explains the different types of papers used for Drawing and how to select the right paper.

Introduction to Graphite & Charcoal media

@divyanshi_rashi demonstrates the various shades of Graphite Pencils, Charcoal Pencils & Charcoal Powder and test their application for a beautiful comparison of both the media.

Basic Shading Techniques for Graphite & Charcoal

@tathagatapaul_art explains the basic shading techniques used for realistic drawings with Charcoal & Graphite.

All about Art Erasers: Tips & Techniques

@divyanshi_rashi introduces you to the various erasers needed for sketches along with some tips to help enhance your drawings.


Designing a character's personality using basic shapes

@the_blue_frenchhorn explains how each shape denotes different personality trait of a character in your doodles.

Must have supplies for creative doodling

@doodlesndreams walks us through the suplies that will enhance your creativity while doodling. Follow along and tell us your favourite supplies for doodling.

Emoting characters with 8 Positive Emotions

@the_blue_frenchhorn explains how easy it is to emote your doodle characters while demonstrating 8 positive emotions.


Getting started with Resin - Flood Coat

@rise_in_colours describes the correct method of using Epoxy resin to create a glass like finish on your paintings. She also describes the mixing ratio of Brustro Epoxy resin